Best Gifts For Special Children

Choosing the best gifts for special children can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to consider their age, but also where they are in their development to make sure that the gift will be helpful and safe for them.

The right toys can help your child with special needs reach their developmental goals, learn new skills and develop social interaction. They can also encourage creativity and help rewire the brain. Here are some of our favorite toys for kids with special needs:

Squishy Learning Toys

If your child loves to push and pop things, this squishy learning toy is sure to be a hit! The squishy bubbles come in different shapes and colors and are designed to teach number recognition, counting, tactile awareness, shape sorting and fine motor skills.

Chewies and Plush Toys

If you have an autistic child, it’s important to give them a chewy that they can hold onto for comfort. These stuffed toys are great for helping them get used to different textures, stay focused and feel secure. There are several types of chewies that are perfect for infants and toddlers, as well as a variety of options for teens and adults with autism.

Squigz Toys

Fat Brain Toys has several fun and colorful squishy suction toys that are perfect for learning to identify shapes, numbers, color, texture, and words. These squishy bubbles are also designed to teach motor skills, creative experimentation, playful interaction, and hand strength.

AngelSense Sensory Toys

If your kiddo has an autism spectrum disorder, they may struggle with sensory processing issues such as sensitivity to loud noises, light and touch. AngelSense is a soothing toy that will relax your little one and help them learn to regulate their senses. It can be used as a bedtime toy, or during a daily activity to help them feel more comfortable and calm.

Therapeutic Swings For Special Needs

For children who need help improving their balance and motor skills, this therapeutic swing is a great gift. It features a swaddling design that makes it comfortable and promotes relaxation and calmness. It is made of cotton and spandex and comes with all the necessary hardware to attach it to a wall or play area.

Gonge Balance Building Products For Special Needs

If your child needs to improve their balance, coordination, tilting reactions and vestibular senses, this line of balance building toys will provide them with the stimulation they need. They have a range of tactile courses that can be constructed from different materials to build balance, stability, jump and walking skills.

Teachable Touchable Texture Squares

These tactile squares offer twenty different textures including scratchy, slippery, silky and soft. They can be used to encourage tactile awareness, stimulate imagination and enhance sensory processing in kids with special needs.

Sensory Sox for Autism

If you have a child with autism, they may crave sensory input and compression hugs. This swaddling hugger is perfect for those who need to be swaddled and can be used as a bedtime toy or a daily activity to help your child feel more comfortable and calm.

Jordan Hernandez