How Do I Register As an Escort Girl in Germany?

How Do I Register As an Escort Girl in Germany?

You may be interested in the laws in Germany If you’re looking to become an escortgirl. You’re more at risk in Germany as a sex worker than in your country of origin. However, you can still perform prostitute work legally. You can apply for a 3-month tourist visa, and register with the relevant authorities.

German escort girls must register their profession

To work in Germany as an escort you must be registered for your profession. The German government says that 25,000 women have registered their profession however this isn’t the full number. It is estimated that at least four hundred thousand people are actually registered. A lot of these foreign sex workers are unable to obtain an”Anmeldung,” a document that will help them show the German government that they are legally legal.

German sexual workers are more vulnerable than in their home countries

A new photo exhibition reveals the shocking realities of German female sex workers. The exhibit sheds light upon the taboo industry in Germany. While France bans the sale and purchase of sexual services, they are being forced to take clandestine routes. The government’s goal to reduce the business of prostitution in the country is an attempt to tackle the issue.

German women can be employed as prostitutes

In Germany women are able to legally be prostitutes so long as they are a citizen of a member state of the European Union. Women from other countries can get a tourist visa for three months but it does not include working permits.

German sexual therapists can get three-month tourist visas

The process of obtaining a three-month tourist visa is fairly easy for German girls who escort. They can get them at the German consulates, in contrast to other countries. The consulates are open seven days a week and are accessible through the internet or via phone. The consulates can also offer you advice on insurance for travel.

German sexual workers prefer to work at brothels

A new law in Germany will increase the protections for sex workers. In the first place the law requires those who engage in prostitution to sign a declaration of their profession. There are also new requirements for women involved.

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